Sunlight higlights flow in the River Dove, coloured green from the trees above

Precious Nature

Water seems to be all around; perhaps this ubiquitousness explains our casual overlook

A multiple exposure of birch trees (Betula pendula) reflected in water under a clear sky, black on blue.

The Reflecting Pool

New worlds within await, the only pre-condition for entry a little imagination.

A multiple exposure emphasises the gold leaves remaining on the birch trees. Dark twigs and branches contrast a pale grey sky

A New Dynamic

The water’s movement has changed the way that I look at the land. 

Lines of reflected sunlight trace the stream’s flow. Blue from the sky completes the pattern and hints at the water below.

A Memory of Water

Explore nature's own mark-making and the ever varying associations that water brings.

A fast flowing stream winds around oxide-stained rocks; shapes in the ice on the rock echoes the bubbles in the water.

Liquid Light

Freed from the land, the River Dove and the streams that feed it have a life of their own.

A complex pattern of growth: branches and twigs from trees along the River Dove weave over pastel colours from the water

An Audience of Character

New interpretations of the trees along the River Dove

The Cascade at Chatsworth re-interpreted through the medium of water. The lines of man contrast with the curves of nature.

Built on Water

Architecture inspired by water at Chatsworth House and Buxton Spa

michela griffith: the art of water

Images of, and inspired, by water.  Fine art prints and handmade books

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