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There’s a tree by the river, an alder, with a near horizontal main branch.  I’ve often looked at the ferns that have made it their home and thought that there is an image there; somewhere.
Today there are small webs woven, dotted with dew and glistening in the light, and these draw me in.  At maximum aperture everything else is thrown out of focus and into imagination.
From camera, the files are very green and I prefer a cream toned version.  In some there is no web apparent, no trap laid, but I like the shapes formed by leaves and stems.  I could be lying on a forest floor instead of looking at a miniature world 2 metres up.  Perhaps this is where the river spirits - the Ondine - live.

The images are indelibly stamped in my memory with time and place for reasons that I explain in a blog post titled 'Evoking the River Spirit'.


A number of the images are available as Limited Edition fine art prints.

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