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Sillage is a new collection of contemporary mixed media artworks: collage art, monotype prints and evocative photographs that follow the scent trail that water has laid down. 


Sillage. A word I first saved for its reference to liquid - the wake left in the water after the thing that caused it has gone. Later I realised that its association with perfume had relevance too - the extent to which a scent lingers in the air as it evaporates from the skin. We’re all looking for something that we can follow.


The water here has softened me. It has seeped through each pore in my skin and collects in pools at my feet. As I relax the control that I’ve previously kept on focus, this fluid being has begun to dissolve the boundaries between my photography and other media, facilitating the development of individual output that I have sought for some time. I had thought to separate out new photography and mixed media work but I realise that they belong together, for one informs the other and this is a conversation that is just beginning.

This new collection of contemporary mixed media artworks offers a personal interpretation of Scotland's landscape that will have universal appeal.

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