Whispers of Wood and Water #5

#5 – 15 September 2018

I went down to the river to find a fifth image for Whispers of Wood and Water. For the first time it seemed hard work; it took me the full 60 minutes and 60 images before I could say ‘enough’ and I’m still unsure if I have come back with anything satisfactory. Perhaps in a day or two when I look through the images the fog of uncertainty may lift a little. Walking home, I tried to work out why this had been. It was the first time that I had not started working around that same basic composition before moving onto (or not) anything else. In looking for other opportunities had I given myself too much choice and lost focus? As I expected the river to be higher and I’m working within its bed, it was the first time that I gone down in wellington and not walking boots. Had my ability to walk out into the water given me too much freedom? Perhaps it’s simply a plateau that I’ve climbed onto after the initial frisson of developing the idea and starting to run with it.

Three days later to the music of ex-hurricane Helene I upload the images. I release that my previous feelings were in part a result of my beginning to have a preconceived idea of what the images should be – a dangerous thing indeed. And much as I like the dark mood of those that I have shared to date, I had already recognised that there was a potential ‘B’ side to the tune. A drip – drip had coalesced into the idea that there might be a parallel stream, so to speak, of images derived from the light on the water’s surface. A warmer tone, a brighter mood. For as much as we may try to steer the direction we head in, there are always more options, more paths to explore. So as the days darken and the winds blow I think I’ll share something a little brighter this week that reflects the colour that the falling leaves bring to dark corners.

15 September 2018

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