Whispers of Wood and Water

You’ll most likely find me, like the alder, bent over the river. These past six years I’ve laid down roots; perhaps given longer I’ll trail scarlet rootlets in the water too.

For my 6-Ten I’m tempted to confine myself to one spot. To remake and reimagine the exact same scene. The composition is easy for me to re-find, at least until the river levels rise: a floppy fringe of hawthorn, a sideburn of sycamore and a ruff of alder. But that seems like I’m closing the lid on the box that I have climbed into. Even if I wander six feet to the right, six feet to the left, I’m still working a pretty concise patch.

Today there is little breeze, and the water has dropped a little. My challenge is to find something that isn’t too literal in the absence of significant subject movement. So I open the aperture to its maximum f/2.8, and play with point of focus for the reflected leaves, and for the light on the surface. Elsewhere branches trace veins of brown amid the repeating greens. I’m sticking too to the one lens that I had on the camera when I started this - I already have too much choice.

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