More Whispers

An update on my #6-Ten project and the third image/third visit to see the light of day. Setting things down has been helpful, as have the comments I received on Twitter, so thanks for those.

I decided to print each image as I go, to see how that might inform my direction, rather than wait until I thought the series was ‘ready’.

I also reflected on the slightly arbitrary ‘maximum of 60 images’ – aside from the fact that it linked to the maximum of 60 minutes, there was no real rationale for it. Comments from film users made me think about this – although it’s true that subject movement / shutter speeds makes the process more experimental and ups the count, do I really need so many? Returning to the river I considered making 6-10 images only, and while this selection has come from that new box that I built for myself (okay, I allowed myself 2 deletions in the field) the simple truth was that while I was happy to stop there, I was in fact enjoying myself too much to hit pause, so I ‘rewarded’ myself by doing something different. But it has served to remind me that we do all make too many images and I have resolved to find a hopefully happy medium.

Oh, and the other little constraint I haven’t mentioned is that I’m sticking to one lens (a 100mm macro should you ask) on my DSLR.

29 August 2018

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