Whispers of Wood and Water

Sunday, and I’ve allowed myself to become distracted again. Just at the point when I’m finally getting to work on themes that began last May (2017) I’ve come up with another little idea.

I went out last Saturday, ahead of the storm, to make a new image for World Photography Day. I didn’t find what had initially I set out for, but something better suited to a grey and breezy day came my way.

On Wednesday I returned to the same spot. I have a tendency to do that; the subtext to my photography could be “ever decreasing circles”. I decided to limit myself to a maximum of sixty minutes. A way of getting a fix without occupying too much of the day amid other things. Something achievable; repeatable. And so the idea developed, and as I headed home I began to define boundaries for my mini-project.

What can I find at that same point on the river?

In a maximum of sixty minutes at a time
I will limit myself to no more than sixty images
That should be enough for anyone
(I may need to work on that)

Six by ten
Six tens

From each session I will select between six and ten images to carry forward
Of these, one can be processed and shared online at the time
Aside from the six-ten, all others will be deleted – no dithering, no reprieve
Before I can go out again

Over the next six to ten weeks I will go to the same place between six and ten times

At the end of this, I will choose between six and ten images from my collated six-tens
These may or may not be my ‘first picks’
I may review the format that I initially choose
I’m drawn to square but find the images pushing at the walls of their cell
This final 6-Ten will form a new series: Whispers of Wood and Water
On my website
And quite possibly in a book

19 August 2018. Made for World Photography Day and the image that started the 6-Ten

And so the 6-Ten has begun
I’ve even found the perfect soundtrack
One of those you try out for size and suddenly realise you know. You just didn’t know that you knew
Thank you Jaume. And Agnes.

You can find my 6-Ten - here
If you fancy joining me, and setting yourself your own 6-Ten, let me know how you get on
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