Ham or cheese, mostly tuna

I'm slightly embarrassed that there's been such a big gap since my last musing. I really didn't think it had been THAT long.

So that's July over then. Last time I looked up it was June - pre Buxton Art Trail, pre Great Dome Art Fair and Nicholson too. Before the inevitable printing-mounting-framing-promoting-labelling-listing-packing-setting up-(wo)manning the resulting display. And then the taking down-repacking-unpacking-trying to fit it back in the improvised storage places that were never intended for this.

Two day events (not just for horses) are just tuna pasta salad; by day 3 at the Dome it's a cheese salad sandwich that was consumed in part only and at a rate that couldn't have been good for my digestion as the lunchtime lull never appeared and I won't eat on my stand.

As I observed the ebb and flow between chatting with friends, fielding questions and, I'm pleased to say, assisting purchasers at a time of year when social media has its annual spasm of did you-didn't you get shortlisted, it occurred to me that I'd far rather have my images scrutinised in print by the visitors to our events than be discarded in seconds by a judging panel because they don't SHOUT at you, or fit a preconceived idea of what a (landscape) photograph should be.

Ultimately an image is a dialogue between the maker and the viewer, and is best viewed in print.

In between exhibiting and interviewing, I have again been playing with water, but I'll save that for another post, so "here's something I made earlier" from An Audience of Character.


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