Enchantment / Distraction I

It’s funny how with a little time and space your perception changes. I probably didn’t look at this image closely at the time it was taken – February 2014. It was made a few weeks after I finished my first interview for On Landscape. You can probably guess who that was with (if not, it was Valda Bailey). I had a little play with in camera multiple exposures in homage a la Bailey and parked it – the technique and the image.


My experiments in Portugal recently have piqued my interest in multiple exposures again. So I guess that’s why while trawling through the equivalent of plastic / leaf litter in Lightroom today it caught my eye. I was actually looking for images of water that I’d failed to review and process but I’m easily distracted. This offered more fun. Looking at the digital equivalent of my contact sheet, I see I was distracted at the time too – this and two others pop up in a sequence of water.

I kinda like the way that the trees seem to be falling in amongst themselves, into the river (yes there is water there somewhere). My medley of trees from the river makes me think of an enchanted world, perhaps a holloway, somewhere that you can easily get lost – that pretty much sums up the river for me.

I like the blue, but I can see quite a few possibilities in monochrome – so it looks as if I may again become distracted, though that will have to wait for another day.

Distraction I

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