#ConnectedTEN Talk at Patchings

I'm delighted to have been asked to be one of the Guest Speakers for the launch weekend for this year's Connected Exhibition at Patchings Art Centre.

This year sees the 10th anniversary of the collaborative photography exhibition organised by the #Connected Photographers. It brings together photographers of all levels, genres, and ages, from enthusiasts to professional, from across the UK and beyond. This year the exhibition and anniversary will be jointly celebrated with an opening weekend of guest speakers on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 April including Paul Kenny, Sue Bishop, Rachael Talibart, John Irvine, Rob Knight and myself. I will have a number of prints on display on the day of my talk.

The community exhibition will run for just over a month from 1 April to 7 May 2017. Further details can be found here

My talk - titled, slightly tongue in cheek, Tales from the Riverbank - will inevitably feature lots of water, and draw on the transformation that my photography has undergone over the past 5 years. I'll also be previewing a new series that mixes trees with water, and the two with words.

Tales from the Riverbank

Since starting to photograph the River Dove it has taken me on a journey that I could not have anticipated. Through its Liquid Light I have found artistic focus, made new friends, and ventured in new directions. My dialogue with water has changed the way that I view the camera and by reflecting on and writing about my journey I have learnt much. As with everything, it is a case of how closely you look and what you choose to see.

It’s my intention to share a little of that journey with you. I’ll talk about how constraints can facilitate creativity and how a closer personal focus can free us from feeling that we need to conform. Each path explored can spark new lines of enquiry. From subject to canvas, from creative interpretation to shaping my view of the landscape, water continues to inspire me.

[i]Increasingly I have found trees creeping back into my images, reflected in whole or part. I like the strangeness that movement can introduce and the unending permutations that are possible. Consideration of this, and the scope that The Reflecting Pool offered to create new truths, has led me to make a new series over the winter about my bankside audience of trees. I hope to preview An Audience of Character in images and words at #ConnectedTEN.